What does brooding mean and why does it hurt?

When we mull over something, we activate harmful thoughts that do not stop wandering around our heads and give rise to frustration, stress, sadness, and apathy. People who have this kind of thoughts, on the one hand, feel the need to reflect once again on the event that happened, on the other, they would like to stop doing it. It is an intrinsic struggle, therefore, within our mind. These are veritable speculations that in most cases are triggered by factors such as discussions, work or thesis errors, university exams, assignments or problems of various kinds. These are events that we have probably not been able to correctly process and therefore remain imprisoned in our thoughts. If a dissertation is something you are most worried about, then consider getting custom dissertation help UK. Every day we are immersed in a multitude of events and circumstances that we must metabolize and let go of if we do not want to fall victim to stress and just to ruminate meaninglessly. The problem of when one is mulling over something, in fact, is that the mind continues to turn to the same thoughts without actually arriving at any useful conclusion. The result is obviously exhausting and the person has the feeling of having his head burst, among other things, these ruminations can also distort the real perception of events.