Задача String Manipulator - Group 1

Здравейте, колеги! Не мога да си открия грешката в следната задача:

String Manipulator - Group 1
Create a program that executes changes over a string. First, you are going to receive the string, then commands.
You will be receiving commands until the "End" command. There are six possible commands:
"Translate {char} {replacement}"
Replace all occurences of {char} with {replacement}, then print the string.
"Includes {string}"
Check if the string includes {string} and print "True/False".
"Start {string}"
Check if the string starts with {string} and print "True/False".
Make the whole string lowercased, then print it.
"FindIndex {char}"
Find the last index of {char}, then print it.
"Remove {startIndex} {count}"
Remove {count} characters from the string, starting from {startIndex}, then print it.
On the 1st line you are going to receive the string.
On the next lines, until the "End" command is received, you will be receiving commands.
All commands are case sensitive.
The input will always be valid.
Print the output of every command in the format described above.

В Judge получавам 90 точки и не мога да разбера къде бъркам. Много ще съм благодарен, ако някой успее да ми помогне.

Кодът ми е: https://pastebin.com/xP9ine5j

Линк към Judge: https://judge.softuni.bg/Contests/Practice/Index/1748#0