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Моля за помощ какво пропускам -66 от 100% - C# Advanced Exam - 26 October 2019 - 3. Rabbits

Моето решение: 
StartUp - https://pastebin.com/7eZbVR8r
class Rabbits - https://pastebin.com/Rgai1NxM
class Cagr - https://pastebin.com/H5CGePLv

Your task is to create a repository which stores rabbit cages by creating the classes described below.
First, write a C# class Rabbit with the following properties:

  • Name: string
  • Species: string
  • Available: bool - true by default

The class constructor should receive name and species. Override the ToString() method in the following format:

"Rabbit ({species}): {name}"

Next, write a C# class Cage that has data (a collection which stores the entity Rabbit). All entities inside the repository have the same properties. Also, the Cage class should have those properties:

  • Name: string
  • Capacity: int

The class constructor should receive name and capacity, also it should initialize the data with a new instance of the collection. Implement the following features:

  • Field data - collection that holds added rabbits
  • Method Add(Rabbit rabbit) - adds an entity to the data if there is room for it
  • Method RemoveRabbit(string name) - removes a rabbit by given name, if such exists, and returns bool
  • Method RemoveSpecies(string species) - removes all rabbits by given species
  • Method SellRabbit(string name) - sell (set its Available property to false without removing it from the collection) the first rabbit with the given name, also return the rabbit
  • Method SellRabbitsBySpecies(string species) - sells (set their Available property to false without removing them from the collection) and returns all rabbits from that species as an array
  • Getter Count - returns the number of rabbits
  • Report() - returns a string in the following format, including only not sold rabbits
    • "Rabbits available at {cageName}:


  • The names of the rabbits will be always unique.
  • You will always have a rabbit added before receiving methods manipulating the Cage’s rabbits.

Sample code usage

//Initialize the repository (Cage)
Cage cage = new Cage("Wildness", 20);
//Initialize entity
Rabbit rabbit = new Rabbit("Fluffy", "Blanc de Hotot");
//Print Rabbit
Console.WriteLine(rabbit); //Rabbit (Blanc de Hotot): Fluffy

//Add Rabbit

Console.WriteLine(cage.Count); //1

//Remove Rabbit
cage.RemoveRabbit("Rabbit Name"); //false

Rabbit secondRabbit = new Rabbit("Bunny", "Brazilian");
Rabbit thirdRabbit = new Rabbit("Jumpy", "Cashmere Lop");
Rabbit fourthRabbit = new Rabbit("Puffy", "Cashmere Lop");
Rabbit fifthRabbit = new Rabbit("Marlin", "Brazilian");

//Add Rabbits

//Sell Rabbit by name
Console.WriteLine(cage.SellRabbit("Bunny")); //Rabbit (Brazilian): Bunny

//Sell Rabbit by species
Rabbit[] soldSpecies = cage.SellRabbitsBySpecies("Cashmere Lop");

Console.WriteLine(string.Join(", ", soldSpecies.Select(f => f.Name))); //Jumpy, Puffy

//Rabbits available at Wildness:
//Rabbit (Blanc de Hotot): Fluffy
//Rabbit (Brazilian): Marlin

Module: Java Advanced
FrauCules avatar FrauCules 3 Точки

Вече работи, благодаря на колегите о т ФБ, които помогнаха :)