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03. Openning 91/100 - Java Advanced Retake Exam - 16 December 2020


На задача Openning от Java Advanced Retake Exam - 16 December 2020 единият тест гърми и не намирам грешката.

Employee -> https://pastebin.com/ivHEHKdF

Bakery -> https://pastebin.com/LzSQT6d4

Main -> https://pastebin.com/PbNCBfaG

Линк към Judge -> https://judge.softuni.org/Contests/Practice/Index/2704#2


Your task is to create a bakery, which stores employees by creating the classes described below.

First, write a Java class Employee with the following properties:

  • name: String
  • age: int
  • country: String

The class constructor should receive name, age and country and override the ToString() method in the following format:

"Employee: {name}, {age} ({country})"

Next, write a Java class Bakery that has employees (a collection, which stores the entity Employee). All entities inside the repository have the same properties. Also, the Bakery class should have those properties:

  • name: String
  • capacity: int

The class constructor should receive name and capacity, also it should initialize the employees with a new instance of the collection. Implement the following features:

  • Field employeesList that holds added Employees
  • Method add(Employee employee) – adds an entity to the data if there is room for him/her.
  • Method remove(String name) – removes an employee by given name, if such exists, and returns bool.
  • Method getOldestEmployee() – returns the oldest employee.
  • Method getEmployee(string name) – returns the employee with the given name.
  • Getter getCount() – returns the number of employees.
  • report()returns a string in the following format:
    • "Employees working at Bakery {bakeryName}:


  • The names of the employees will be always unique.
  • The age of the employees will always be with positive values.
  • You will always have an employee added before receiving methods manipulating the Space Station’s Employees.


This is an example how the Bakery class is intended to be used.

Sample code usage

//Initialize the repository

Bakery bakery = new Bakery("Barny", 10);

//Initialize entity

Employee employee = new Employee("Stephen", 40, "Bulgaria");

//Print Employee

System.out.println(employee); //Employee: Stephen, 40 (Bulgaria)


//Add Employee


//Remove Employee

System.out.println(bakery.remove("Employee name")); //false


Employee secondEmployee = new Employee("Mark", 34, "UK");


//Add Employee



Employee oldestEmployee = bakery.getOldestEmployee(); // Employee with name Stephen

Employee employeeStephen = bakery.getEmployee("Stephen"); // Employee with name Stephen

System.out.println(oldestEmployee); //Employee: Stephen, 40 (Bulgaria)

System.out.println(employeeStephen); //Employee: Stephen, 40 (Bulgaria)


System.out.println(bakery.getCount()); //2



//Employees working at Bakery Barny:

//Employee: Stephen, 40 (Bulgaria)

//Employee: Mark, 34 (UK)

Java Advanced
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Проблемът е в Bakary#getOldestEmployee():

    public Employee getOldestEmployee() {
        int age = Integer.MIN_VALUE;
        int index = 0;
        for (int i = 0; i < this.employees.size(); i++) {
            if (this.employees.get(i).getAge() >= age) {
               index = i;
               age = this.employees.get(i).getAge(); // <--- Add this line
        return this.employees.get(index);


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