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Initially, transcription was hand-written, but over the years and with technological progress, there are other types of transcription, of which computer-assisted transcription is the most common.
The transcription program is a computer program that helps or performs the transformation of the human voice into text.

Transcription software

The basic meaning of the term "transcription software" has evolved over time with the introduction of new technologies such as natural speech and language recognition. References also depend on the context in which the transcription target is located. The term "transcription software" may refer to a fully automated solution or to a that helps a person manually rewrite spoken word into text. In the latter case, the term "digital dictation" is sometimes used.
In this paper I will try to give a small but generalized study: Computer-assisted transcription, transcription, keyboard, and various types of keys; as such: Function keys, Cursor keys, among others. Hoping that the information presented will be interesting to all who analyze it and easily understand it.

The concept of text transcription.

Linguistic transcription is a systematic representation of language in written form.
In the academic discipline of linguistics, transcription is an integral part of methodology (among others), phonetics, conversation analysis, dialectology, and sociolinguistics. It also plays an important role in several sub-fields of speech technology. The most common examples of non-scientific transcripts are court hearings, such as criminal proceedings (court transcript) or the recording of a doctor’s voice record (medical transcript).


When you click the symbol, it sends an encrypted entry to the computer, which then displays the symbol on the screen. The term numeric keyboard refers to a set of numbers on the right side of some keyboards (not a number on the top line above the letters). Numeric keyboards also refer to numbers (and corresponding letters) on mobile phones.

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