Join the Global DevOps Experience on June 15, 2024!

Global DevOps Bootcamp is a worldwide community event that has now been organized for three years in a row. Each year, we create a full-day experience around a central theme. The day starts with a keynote (of a famous speaker!), a local keynote (by you!), and a challenging yet inspiring hackathon focusing on DevOps practices and Modern Software practices.

People also learn about the latest trends and will be sharing their DevOps experiences. It’s a great opportunity to learn hands-on and network with others locally working in this space, and also get to hear all about some real-world DevOps experiences.

In 2017 the makers of GDEX created the Global DevOps Bootcamp which was held in 2019 for the last time. In 2019 GDBC had 10.000 people joining the event in 92 venues in 32 countries all over the world. A true global community event.

The Global DevOps experience follows a similar concept. The Global DevOps Experience is an "Event out of the box" and follows the sun. We will start in New Zealand and will end the event 36 hours later in Seattle. This means you can join anywhere and get the same experience!

Global DevOps Experience is unique, global event where the worlds of DevOps, Platform Engineering, and Developer Experience (DevEx) come together.