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Course Introduction - Databases Advanced - Entity Framework - октомври 2016


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Teamwork Project Assignment for the 
Database Frameworks Course @ SoftUni

This teamwork project assignment is designed to create overall skills for using databases, ORM technologies and component integration.

Project Description

Use the team’s existing project developed during the Fundamentals level. If you don’t have one, you either need to create, find or adapt one. In the ideal scenario, your project must have a main character (player), score, current state where the character is. 

All of this components should be persisted, thus when the user opens the game again, they are navigated to the last state they were.

How to Contribute

Take a look at:

Enrol for Teamwork (C# Profession) - http://bit.do/csharp-db-teamwork

Enrol for Teamwork (Java Profession) - http://bit.do/java-db-teamwork

In the beginning of the Fundamentals module Teams were created with 10 teammates. As the time was passing, some of them stopped participating in the teamwork and eventually were marked as not-participated.

In the first sheet (Participated in Teams) you can find the Teams from the Fundamentals module and the students that were participating. The ones marked as non-participated are not listed there.

In the second sheet (Not Participated) you can find all students that for some reason rejected to contribute to their teams’ success. 

In the third sheet (Wil Not Participate) you can find a blank table. List your username there if you are not going to participate in a teamwork in the Database Fundamentals module. You can then close this document 

If you are still reading, in the fourth sheet (Approved in Teams) you can find a blank table too. Here’s the catch: If you were listed in “Not Participated” and you want to participate in a team, you need to find an existing team and ask them to be their teammate. If they do want you, then they can list you in this sheet. Otherwise, try another team. Beware that the teams might want to organize and interview with you to know if you are eligible for that job.

If you are still reading, the chances are – you have been participating in team in the Fundamentals module and haven’t been marked as “Non-participated”. Big victory, Congratulations! If you want to change your team, or you want safely to remove one of your teammates, you may want to trade teammates. Take a look at the last sheet (Team Transfers) What is the catch here? If anyone wants to change their team, they need to find alternate for themselves in their existing team. Ideally from the team they want to transfer to. Otherwise the third-party team might need to find an alternative.

The transfer window will close at the exact beginning of the course “Database Frameworks” and teams will be finally announced then. Take your time to choose, because you need to choose wisely 

General Requirements

Console or UI-Based (Desktop, Web…) application, an RPG is preferred

Underlying Database (MS SQL Server, MySQL…)

Object-Relational Mapping technology (Entity Framework, Hibernate…)

Version Control System (Git is preferred)

Additional (optional) Requirements

Login/Registration, users and roles

Multiplayer (Sockets, Web Services, …)

Assessment Criteria

Each team will have to deliver a public defense of its work in front of the other students, trainers and assistants. Teams will have only 10 minutes for the following:

Demonstrate the project

Show source code

Show the database schema

Explain how each team member has contributed: display the commit logs in the Source Control system you are using.

Optionally you might prepare a presentation (3-4 slides).

Please be strict in timing! On the 10th minute you will be interrupted! It is good idea to leave the last 2-3 minutes for questions from the other students, trainers and assistants.

Be well prepared for presenting maximum of your work for minimum time. Bring your own laptop. Test it preliminary with the multimedia projector. Open the project assets beforehand to save time.

Assessment Criteria

Functionality – 0…20

Database Design – 0…15

Code Quality (Good OOP, Loose Coupling, Inversion of Control, …) – 0…15

Performance (Querying the DB at the right time, no unnecessary queries, …) – (0..10)

Teamwork* (source control; each team member contributed in 5 different days; distribution of tasks) – 0…5

Bonus (bonus points are given for exceptional project) – 0..15

* If not all team members have contributed to the project, this does not affect the teamwork points.

Give Feedback about Your Teammates

You will be invited to provide feedback about all your teammates, their attitude to this project, their technical skills, their team working skills, their contribution to the project, etc. The feedback is important part of the project evaluation so take it seriously and be honest.