Изминало събитие
07 септември 2016

Събитието е вече изминало, но все още може да го гледаш на запис.

Join the open event on "IEEE SUMMER SCHOOL ON “SYSTEMS, MAN AND CYBERNETICS”, which will be held on the 7th of September 2016 (Wednesday) at 10:00 in Code Ground hall at Software University ( Sofia, Tintyava str. 15-17, floor 0 - Parter). 

The event is organized by the IEEE Computational Intelligence Chapter and the IEEE Young Professionals Affinity Group of Bulgaria.

За семинара

10:00-10:30 - OPENING of the SUMMER SCHOOL on SMC

10:30-11:30 - 3D surface reconstruction - Prof. Vincenzo Piuri (IT)

This lecture is directed to introduce the needs of the 3D surface reconstruction, to briefly overview the techniques for surface reconstruction, to analyze and discuss in detailed the neural techniques suited for addressing this problem, and to present the most recent results of research.

11:30-13:30 - Linguistic Geometry: Constructing Strategies for Adversarial Games - Prof. Boris Stilman (USA)

Linguistic Geometry (LG) is a type of game theory that serves as a foundation for the development of multiple intelligent defense systems in the USA and abroad. This lecture will consist of two parts:

  • A brief introduction to the LG Game Construction for solving real world defense problems (with a short movie).
  • An extensive theoretical account into the LG Game Solving. I will introduce participants to the so-called No-Search Approach in LG.


14:30-15:30 - How big is too big? (Mostly) c-Means Clustering in Big Data - Prof. James Bezdek (USA)

What is big data? Objectives of clustering in big data are acceleration for loadable data and feasibility for non-loadable data. History of c-means and least squares estimation. Acceleration methods for fuzzy c-means (FCM). Approximate clustering with FCM and Gaussian mixture models (EM) based on literal clustering of a sample followed by non-iterative extension. Incremental methods (spFCM and olFCM) that process data chunks sequentially. Extension of VAT to scalable VAT (sVAT) for arbitrarily large square data.

15:30-16:30 - New Development of Bio-metrics and Forensics, AI, PR and Big Data in Interactive Learning Environment - Prof. Patrick Wang (USA)

This talk deals with fundamental aspects of Similarity, Semantics, Ambiguity, Intelligent Pattern Recognition (IPR) and applications. It
basically includes the following: Overview of 3D Biometric Technology and Applications, Importance of Security: A Scenario of Terrorists Attack. What are Biometric Technologies? Biometrics: Analysis vs Synthesis, Analysis: Concept of Syntax. Semantics, Ambiguity and Interactive Pattern Recognition, Importance of Measurement, How it works: Fingerprint Extraction and Matching, Iris, and Facial Analysis, Authentication Applications, Thermal Imaging: Emotion Recognition. Synthesis in Biometrics, Modeling and Simulation, and more Examples and Applications of 3D Biomedical Imaging, Interactive IPR, Big Data, Learning Environment. Finally, some future research directions are discussed.

16:30-17:30 - Switched Fuzzy Systems: New Directions for Intelligent Control and Decision - Prof. Georgi Dimirovski (TR/MK)

A summarized study of the current state-of-the-art of the controlled intelligent systems based on the synergy of the potential of fuzzy logic in Takagy-Sugeno fuzzy systems with the structural flexibility and sustainability of switched nonlinear dynamic systems will be presented. In particular, following some of the fundamental theorems on quadratic stability of general nonlinear dynamic systems, novel stability results will be demonstrated.

How to reach Software University from Hemus Hotel:

  • By foot - check the map
  • By bus - you can catch bus №102 from Hemus Hotel and get off at the bus stop "Diana". After that you have to walk about 10 minutes - check here.
  • By subway - you can take the train from station "European Union" in direction to the Center. After that at subway station "Serdika" you should switch the lines and take Line 1 in direction to Mladost and get off at subway station Juliot- Curie. After that you have to walk about 5 minutes - check here

За лектора
Prof. Vincenzo Piuri, Prof. Boris Stilman, Prof. James Bezdek, Prof. Georgi Dimirovski, Prof. Partick Wang

Prof. Vincenzo Piuri, IEEE Fellow, Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy

You can read more about Prof. Vincenzo Piuri here.

Prof. Boris Stilman, IEEE Fellow, University of Colorado at Denver, USA

You can read more about Prof. Boris Stilman here.

Prof. James Bezdek, IEEE Fellow, USA

You can read more about Prof. James Bezdek here.

Prof. Georgi Dimirovski, IEEE Fellow, Dogus Technical University, Turkey/ “St. Cyril and Methodius” University of Scopie, Macedonia

You can read more about Prof. Georgi Dimitrovski here.

Prof. Partick Wang, Fellow, IAPR , ISIBM and WASE, IEEE and ISIBM Outstanding Achievement Awardee, USA

You can read more about Prof. Patrick Wang here.

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