How to become a successful ERP consultant

How to become a successful ERP consultant


How to become a successful ERP consultant

Заповядайте на безплатен семинар на тема "How to become a successful ERP consultant", който ще се проведе нa 20 януари 2017 г. (петък) от 19:00 часа в зала Knowledge на Софтуерния университет (София, ул. Тинтява 15-17, етаж 1). Лектор e Klaas Wassenaar. Семинарът ще е на английски език.

За Семинара

During the seminar Klaas Wassenaar will show specific technical details about ERP and how it affects the process of development. The talk will take a get-to-know form and will discuss the possibilities that ERP presents to developers. Furthermore, the new ways in which outside parties can supply different extensions to the platform will be given attention too. 

The talk will then take you through the challenges that one must face with software design in the field, separately from Dynamics. You will hear about the different ways in which you can position yourself in the process, what to expect as far as challenges are concerned and how to communicate efficiently.

За Лектора

Klaas Wassenaar

Klaas Wassenaar works in IT for more than 17 years. Since he was a young boy he liked computers. Klaas liked to play with them and to program them. He enjoys to create software that is useful and loves to see his work helping people do their job. He was born in the Netherlands. Since September last year Klaas is living and working in Sofia where he started the company OK-ICT which supplies Dynamics NAV ERP services, building extensions and custom modules.

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