Common Errors Found in Smart Contract Development

Common Errors Found in Smart Contract Development

Заповядайте на безплатен семинар на тема "Common Errors Found in Smart Contract Development", който ще се проведе нa 09 март 2018 г. (петък) от 19:00 часа в зала Deep Web на Софтуерния университет (София, ул. Тинтява 15-17, етаж 1). Лектор e Alexander Blair. Семинарът ще бъде на английски език.

За Семинара

In this talk, the speaker will be covering the most common issues found in smart contract development, both from a security aspect, as well as from a functional aspect, along with covering some of the tools and techniques used to help avoid these issues.

За Лектора

Alexander Blair

Alexander Blair is the VP of Engineering for Hosho Group, a leading firm in blockchain security, where he leads the team that has performed over 40 audits from the company's founding. Funds raised by these contracts exceeds $410M USD to date. His background is in development and blockchain technology, including mining pool development for CryptoNote coins, and related supported tooling in various development languages.
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