Blockchain mining algorithms

Blockchain mining algorithms

Welcome to a free seminar "Blockchain mining algorithms", which will be held on April 16, 2018 (Monday) from 07:00 PM in Creative hall of Software University (Tintyava Str., 15-17, floor 1, Sofia). Lecturer will be Orlin Benov

Speaking Language: English

За Семинара

We will be exploring topics such as:

  1. Proof of Work Vs Proof of Stake
  2. What is mining?
  3. What are Bitcoin miners actually solving?
  4. Mining Bitcoin with pencil and paper - let's see how hard it is actually

За Лектора

Orlin Benov

Orlin Benov is experienced Frontend and Solidity Developer, from Bitcoin Skeptic to Blockchain Enthusiast, Ethereum miner, Master's degree in Information Technologies in Business, 9 years experience in WordPress & front-end development to produce high-quality websites and exceptional user experience. Since 2016 he is very keen in mining and reading everything related to Blockchain, 3 years as DI Training and Development specialist at Ipsos - conducting training sessions around the world about Survey Scripting and Data Processing, 5 years in Tradologic - started as a Customization Developer - creating websites from PSDs, then he became a Front-End developer and in the end he is leading three small teams - frontend, customization & design. We can say that he is a rare mix of design awareness, development talent and business intelligence.

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