The Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm of Nxt

The Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm of Nxt

Welcome to a free seminar "The Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm of Nxt", which will be held on September 4, 2018 (Monday) from 07:00 PM in Code Ground of Software University (Tintyava Str., 15-17, floor 0, Sofia). The lecturer will be Petko Petkov.

Speaking Language: English

За Семинара

In this seminar we will briefly discuss the security model of the Proof-of-Work networks, the Proof-of-Stake alternative and its problems. We will examine in details the Proof-of-Stake algorithm of Nxt, we will also talk about Peercoin to get some understanding about the historical context around the creation of Nxt.

За Лектора

Petko Petkov

Petko Petkov is a software developer with experience in financial software, productivity tools and games. He has BSc in Informatics and MSc in Electronic Governance from Sofia University. Being generally interested in social science, he started exploring the crypto world in 2013, and later became contributor to the Nxt project. Petko is co-founder and core developer at Jelurida - a company dedicated to the development and maintenance of the software used in the Nxt and Ardor networks (the only full clients which are currently available in these networks).
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