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За обучителната система - въпроси/предложения/бъгове??

What do you think about the following concept, which can safely be called a "forum"?

To save in the database posts with any of their targets, as this target will be, hey - title, body, tags, author, views, answers. Nothing more.

Then by weight the tags (the heaviest tags after some time and a certain limit) to become categories. And from this I assume that a simple blog can become a super forum. Because they are, sorry, but the tag "difficult", "car", "tags" - somehow ... right :)

What do you think? - web devs.

As they say ... you have to learn to think. As he can think, he will write meaningful tags and look to observe some conventions that are not difficult. You put a few main tags and this is quite a pure "category". Those tags popped up on social media, and there popped up on keywords. Therefore, times and terms change, Speed Test  essay writer but not the meaning, so one must learn to think and see the meaning.

It doesn't matter how you thought specifically about the first web pages keywords, and how you write the tags now - it's the same - it's a skill, not just separating a sentence with commas after each word. :)

--------------------------------------------------- -

+  Another idea .. Looking at the tag cloud, what is not done drag 'n' drop can also be put in the tag box :) Or for example a textcomplete.js does a great job :)

+  You can put "@" - autocomplete and make links to profiles on the site - it will not be bad :)

Let the system accept the tags with a comma and then divide them by it, not by space. A tag cloud made this way doesn't make sense in my opinion.

Programming Basics 21/07/2020 08:45:55
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Hi there just wanted to give you a brief heads up and let you know a few of
the images aren’t loading correctly.


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