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Is it fine and/or possible to take course from the Professional modules before finishing the tech module?

As I haven't seen it anywhere clearly and am still waiting for a response on this from the SoftUni office, then I would like to ask if it is fine to take course from the professional modules? The reason I ask is that I will now on 20 August be taking the exam in Programming Fundamentals and as far as I understand it then the Software technologies course will not start until October/November but during this time SoftUni is offering the course Web Fundamentals (HTML/CSS) which is part of Front-End Development in the Professional modules. It fits well within the time between the exam and the start of the Software Tech.

Also, is there somewhere available info on when the Software Technologies course will start and the date of the final exam?

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Depends whether you studied programming before.
Personally I started with Programming Basics (Entry module) then I went tech module (Programming fundamentals - extended (without Software Technologies course)), and currently C# Fundamentals - C# OOP Advanced course (last course from that module).

You can see requirements of Web Fundamentals there : LINK . It requires beginners at programming or people with initial programming experience who want to learn more about creating HTML5 & CSS3 websites. I think it will be OK if you have passed Entry and Tech Module.

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Thanks for the response. I will probably go for it as I have some, even though outdated experience writing up HTML and modifying CSS files.