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06.Forum Topics - Nested Dictionaries Exercises

Здравейте , това е решението ми за задачата 06.Forum Topics - Nested Dictionaries Exercises , като бих желал да видя други решения . 

You have been tasked to store a few forum topics, and filter them by several given tags.
You will be given several input lines, containing data about topics in the following format:
{topic} -> {tag1, tag2, tag3...}
The topic and tags will be strings. They will NOT contain spaces or ‘-’, ‘>’ symbols.
If you receive an existing topic, you must add the new tags to it. There should be NO duplicate tags. 
When you receive the command “filter”, you must end the input sequence. On the next line (after “filter”), you will receive a sequence of tags, separated by a comma and a space. You must print ONLY those topics, which contain all tags in the given sequence.
The topics must be printed in the following format:
{topic} | {#tag1, #tag2, …, #tagN}
NOTE: The tags have a number sign (‘#’) as a prefix.

Input Output
HelloWorld -> hello, forum, topic
HelpWithHomework -> homework, forum, topic
forum, topic
HelloWorld | #hello, #forum, #topic
HelpWithHomework | #homework, #forum, #topic
First -> this
First -> that
First -> who
Second -> this, what, why
First -> this
Third -> this, third
Third -> that
that, this
First | #this, #that, #who
Third | #this, #third, #that


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