Problem 02. Song Encryption
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Song Encryption JavaScript Exam 16.12.2019 problem



Имам проблем със задача Song Encryption от изпита, който е давам на 16.12.2019. Нулевите тестове минават, но в Judge имам само 60/100 и не мога да си открия грешката. Чудя се дали проблема не е в регекса?

Дали може някой да погледне задачата?

Благодаря предварително за помощта!


Problem 02. Song Encryption

Now that you've helped Mandy to accept the group applications it's time to assist her with a security problem. You are tasked to encrypt all songs from the set list so that if someone steals it they won't be able to leak it online.

Your task is to write a program that encrypts information about artists and their songs.

Until you receive the command "end" you should read lines in following format :"{artist}:{song}", and check if it's valid, considering the following rules:

  • Artiststarts with capital letter, followed by lowercase letters.
    •  It can also contains apostrophe ( ' ), and whitespace " ";

Valid group name: Red hot chili peppers, Eminem, Guns n' roses

Invalid group name: ReD Hot CiLly PePers, sLipKnot, guns n'roses

  • Song – contains only capital letters, and whitespaces.


Invalid songs: #BaCk IN black, BLEED $IT$ OUTt, &KILLSHoT

After you validate the lines of an input, you should encrypt the information. In order to do that, you have to follow the rules below:

  • First you need to find a key for encryption.
    • Your key is the length of the artist (e.g. "Eminem" –  key: 6)
  • You have to increment the ASCII value of each symbol of the input, with the key length

(e.g. "char" 'a' -> 'g')

  • Be careful if your key length is bigger than the ASCII value of a letter 'z' or 'Z'. In this case you should start from a letter 'a'. (e.g. key:6 letter – 'x', encrypted letter – 'd')
  • You should NOT ENCRYPT the following characters: whitespaces, and apostrophes
  • You also should replace ':' with the sign '@'

Input / Constraints

Until you receive "end" command you should read from the console.

  • Line of input – Artist name and song, separated by ":", containing only ASCII symbols.
  • Allowed working time for your program: 0.1 seconds.
  • Allowed memory: 16 MB.


After every line of input, you should print:

  • If line is valid – encrypted information in following format:
  • Successful encryption: {encryptedArtist}@{encryptedSong}".
  • If line is not valid – print the following message: "Invalid input!"







Linkin park:NUMB




Successful encryption: Ksotks@BKTUS

Successful encryption: Wtyvty alcv@YFXM

Successful encryption: Iwfpj@STSXYTU

Successful encryption: Fijqj@MJQQT

All lines of input are valid, so we

encrypt the information, change the charracter ":" with the sign "@", and print the output of encription.

Example: Eminem-> key 6, adding a key to the ASCII value of each charracter except the whitespace, apostrophe, and our delimiter(":") and receive an encrypted name – Ksotks@BKTUS, then we do the same with the song.




Michael Jackson:ANOTHER PART OF ME


Guns n'roses:NOVEMBER RAIN

Christina Aguilera: HuRt



Invalid input!

Successful encryption: Fijqj@TSJ FSI TSQD

Successful encryption: Sgze z'daeqe@ZAHQYNQD DMUZ

Invalid input!

First line in not valid, because in the name of Michael Jackson we have more than one capital letter. Next two are valid, and the last is not valid, because the song does not  contain only capital letters.




JavaScript Fundamentals
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Като цяло всичко ти е вярно (включително и регекса),

проблема е, че неправилно взимаш входа (приемаш на доверие, че последния елемент е 'end' i s pop го махаш).

Чети си входа с while, докато стигнеш до 'end', както е по условие:

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Благодаря на willystyle! Лутах се известно време, но се оказа че кодът ми е верен от първия път, като изключим тази подробност. Кофтито е, че в нашия Fundamentals ни учиха, че може просто дa pop-нем последния елемент, което се оказва недостатък.. frown
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