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Post Office

Здравейте, не мога да разбера защо ми дава само 60/100 къде греша немога да разбера, може ли малко помощ.

това ми е кода   https://pastebin.com/J9kCtxqS


Problem 3 – Post Office

The post office is running well, after the breakthrough of the technologies, but people demand security. That's why Moist von Lipwig, started encrypting the messages. After all he forgot what was the way to decipher them, and here you go, you have to help him or…. He will be terribly hurt by a pair of high heels.

You read a single line of ASCII symbols, and the message is somewhere inside it, you must find it.

 The input consists of three parts separated with "|" like this:


Each word starts with capital letter and has a fixed length, you can find those in each different part of the input.

The first part carries the capital letters for each word inside the message. You need to find those capital letters 1 or more from A to Z. The capital letters should be surrounded from the both sides with any of the following symbols – "#, $, %, *, &". And those symbols should match on the both sides. This means that $AOTP$ - is a valid pattern for the capital letters. $AKTP% - is invalid since the symbols do not match.

The second part of the data contains the starting letter ASCII code and words length /between 1 – 20 charactes/, in the following format: "{asciiCode}:{length}". For example, "67:05" – means that '67' - ascii code equal to the capital letter "C", represents a word starting with "C" with following 5 characters: like "Carrot". The ascii code should be a capital letter equal to a letter from the first part. Word's length should be exactly 2 digits. Length less than 10 will always have a padding zero, you don't need to check that.

The third part of the message are words separated by spaces. Those words have to start with Capital letter [A…Z] equal to the ascii code and have exactly the length for each capital letter you have found in the second part. Those words can contain any ASCII symbol without spaces.

When you find valid word, you have to print it on a new line.

Input / Constraints

On the first line – the text in form of three different parts separated by "|". There can be any ASCII character inside the input, except '|'.

Input will always be valid - you don’t need to check it

The input will always have three different parts, that will always be separated by "|".


Print all extracted words, each on a new line.

Allowed working time / memory: 100ms / 16MB





sdsGGasAOTPWEEEdas$AOTP$|a65:1.2s65:03d79:01ds84:02! -80:07++ABs90:1.1|adsaArmyd Gara So La Arm Armyw21 Argo O daOfa Or Ti Sar saTheww The Parahaos





The capital letters are "AOTP"

Then we look for the addition length of the words for each capital letter. For A(65) -> it's 4. For O(79) -> it's 2 For T(84) -> it's 3 For P(80) -> it's 8.

Then we search in the last part for the words.First, start with letter 'A' and we find "Argo". With letter 'O' we find  "Or". With letter 'T' we find "The" and with letter 'P' we find "Parahaos".

Urgent"Message.TO$#POAML#|readData79:05:79:0!2reme80:03--23:11{79:05}tak{65:11ar}!77:!23--)77:05ACCSS76:05ad|Remedy Por Ostream :Istream Post sOffices Office Of Ankh-Morpork MR.LIPWIG Mister Lipwig







The first capital letters are "POAML"

Then we look for the addition length of the words for each capital letter.

P(80) -> it's 4.

O(79) -> it's 6

A(65) -> it's 12

M(77) -> it's 6

L(76) -> it's 6.

Then we search the last part for the words. First, start with the letter 'P' and we find "Post". With letter 'O' we find "Office". With letter 'A' we find "Ankh-Morpork". With letter 'M' we find "Mister" and with letter 'L' we find "Lipwig".


“Welcome to fear, said Moist to himself. It's hope, turned inside out. You know it can't go wrong, you're sure it can't go wrong...But it might.”

PHP Fundamentals
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$str = explode("|", readline());
$firstPart = $str[0];
$secondPart = $str[1];
$thirdPart = $str[2];
preg_match('/([#$%*&])([A-Z]+)(\1)/', $firstPart, $matchCapitals);
$capitalLetters = str_split($matchCapitals[2]);
$words = [];
foreach ($capitalLetters as $letter) {
    $ascii = ord($letter);    
    preg_match('/(' . $ascii . '):(\d\d)/', $secondPart, $matchLength);
    $words[] = [
        "letter" => $letter,
        "length" => intval($matchLength[2]) + 1
$allWords = explode(" ", $thirdPart);
foreach ($words as $word) {
    $letter = $word["letter"];
    $length = $word["length"];
    foreach ($allWords as $possibleWord) {
        if ($letter == $possibleWord[0] && $length == strlen($possibleWord)) {
            echo $possibleWord . PHP_EOL;


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