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Въпрос за Regex

Здравейте, ако имам да проверя текст:

$Request$: [73]|[115]|[105]|
%Taggy$: [73]|[73]|[73]|
%Taggy%: [118]|[97]|[108]|
$Request$: [73]|[115]|[105]|[32]|[75]|

и условието ми за проверката на Regex-а е:

•There is nothing else before and after it

•It starts with a tag, which is surrounded by either '$' or '%' (but not both at the same time), the tag itself has to be minimum 3 characters long, start with a uppercase letter, followed only by lowercase letters

•There is a colon and a single white space after the tag

•There are 3 groups consisting of numbers between [' and'], followed by a pipe (|)

Как трябва да се напише Regex-а без да включва различните специални символи. - както при %Taggy$


Programming Fundamentals 14/12/2020 16:04:30