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3.Telephony/Interfaces and Abstraction - Exercise - OOP C#

Здравейте група, имам проблем със следната задача:


You have a business - manufacturing phones. However, you have no software developers, so you call some friends of yours and ask them to help you create a phone software. They have already agreed and you started working on the project. The project consists of two main models – Smartphone and StationaryPhone. Each of your smartphones should have functionalities of calling other phones and browsing in the world wide web. The StationaryPhone can only call other phones.

These friends of yours though are very busy, so you decide to write the code on your own. Here is the mandatory assignment:

You should have a model - Smartphone and two separate functionalities, which your Smartphone has - to call other phones and to browse in the world wide web. You should also have a modelStationaryPhone and one fuctionality which your StationaryPhone has – to call other phones. You should end up with two classes and two interfaces.


The input comes from the console. It will hold two lines:

  • First line: phone numbers to call (string), separated by spaces.
  • Second line: sites to visit (string), separated by spaces.


  • First call all numbers in the order of input then browse all sites in order of input
  • The functionality of calling phones is printing on the console the number which is being called
  • If the number is 10 digits long, you are making a call from your smartphone and you print:

Calling... {number}

  • If the number is 7 digits long, you are making a call from your stationary phone and you print:

Dialing... {number}

  • The functionality of the browser should print on the console the site in format:

Browsing: {site}!

  • If there is a number in the input of the URLs, print: "Invalid URL!" and continue printing the rest of the URLs.
  • If there is a character different from a digit in a number, print: "Invalid number!" and continue to the next number.


  • Each site's URL should consist only of letters and symbols (No digits are allowed in the URL address)
  • The phone numbers will always be 7 or 10 digits long




0882134215 0882134333 0899213421 0558123 3333123

http://softuni.bg http://youtube.com http://www.g00gle.com

Calling... 0882134215

Calling... 0882134333

Calling... 0899213421

Dialing... 0558123

Dialing... 3333123

Browsing: http://softuni.bg!

Browsing: http://youtube.com!

Invalid URL!


Judge ми дава 75/100 точки и гърми втори тест с Incorrect answer! 
Прилагам и pastebin към решението : 

C# OOP Basics
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