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1. Winning Ticket - Regular Expressions - More Exercise - C# Fundamemtals


става въпрос за задача 1. Winning Ticket - More Exercise , гърмят ми 6, 7 и 8 тест и не мога да разбера къде е проблема. Благодаря предварително!

Това е кода ми: https://pastebin.com/Lqjd3pbG

Lottery is exciting. What is not, is checking a million tickets for winnings only by hand. So, you are given the task to create a program which automatically checks if a ticket is a winner.

You are given a collection of tickets separated by commas and spaces. You need to check every one of them if it has a winning combination of symbols.

A valid ticket should have exactly 20 characters. The winning symbols are '@', '#', '$' and '^'. But in order for a ticket to be a winner the symbol should uninterruptedly repeat for at least 6 times in both the tickets left half and the tickets right half.

For example, a valid winning ticket should be something like this:


The left half "Cash$$$$$$" contains "$$$$$$", which is also contained in the tickets right half "Ca$$$$$$sh". A winning ticket should contain symbols repeating up to 10 times in both halves, which is considered a Jackpot (for example: "$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$").


The input will be read from the console. The input consists of a single line containing all tickets separated by commas and one or more white spaces in the format:

  • "{ticket}, {ticket}, … {ticket}"


Print the result for every ticket in the order of their appearance, each on a separate line in the format:

  • Invalid ticket - "invalid ticket"
  • No match - "ticket "{ticket}" - no match"
  • Match with length 6 to 9 - "ticket "{ticket}" - {match length}{match symbol}"
  • Match with length 10 - "ticket "{ticket}" - {match length}{match symbol} Jackpot!"


  • Number of tickets will be in range [0 … 100]





ticket "Cash$$$$$$Ca$$$$$$sh" - 6$

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, aabb  , th@@@@@@eemo@@@@@@ey

ticket "$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$" - 10$ Jackpot!

invalid ticket

ticket "th@@@@@@eemo@@@@@@ey" - 6@


ticket "validticketnomatch:(" - no match


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