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Comparing and Contrasting the Past and the Present

Florence Nightingale is identified throughout the universe as the originator of the current nursing. She was born on May 12, 1820, as the second daughter to prosperous parents, Frances Nightingale and William Edward. Florence schooled at household by their parent who had joined Cambridge University. Florence was very studious. The girl was sociable and enthusiastic, and was predicted to marry into the high community. However, wandering in the garden one evening, Florence received a plea from God, articulating to her that she should do His work. Ultimately, that work resulted to be nursing.

She took an attention in nursing and hospitals, and made various visits to homes of vile in villages. The situation was not being considered proper for the well-educated woman to develop as a nurse in the middle 1800s. However, her parents prohibited the course. During a holiday with the family friends, Selina Bracebridge and Charles, Nightingale passed through Germany Empire in July 1850. Whilst at Kaiserwerth that is near Dusseldorf, they called at Pastor Theodor Fliedner’s healthcare schools and hospital for deaconesses. She returned a year afterwards and pursued nurse’s training for three months.

Nightingale was qualified as the Superintendent in the Establishment for Gentlewomen in the Illness at No1 Harley Street in London and started working in 1853. One year later, Germany, Britain and France avowed war on Russia. A conflict claimed the Crimean Warfare for a long time. Sidney Hubert who was the Britain’s War Minister distinguished Florence Nightingale. He allocated her a position to oversee the establishment of woman nurses into the hospital for the injured in Turkey. Nightingale and a commission of 38 nurses reached in the suburb of Constantinople Scutari on November 4, 1854.

The nurses were not received initially by the men medics and doctors, and were importantly ignored. However, when a new shipment of injured persons arrived, entire group of nurses were maintained to be very busy. Nurses performed their duties and inclined to the male’s spirits and other applied matters through writing letters and transferring pay households to their family members. The group of nurses was a big success. After recurring from Crimean Warfare, a public account was established to sustain Nightingale’s improvements of the Britain’s hospitals. Nightingale utilized the money to establish the London Nightingale Training College for the willing nurses at the St. Thomas Hospital. Nurses, in the training, learned regularly with hands on know-how, and minimal books study. Nightingale inspected the nurses’ report and fuels to ensure they were reading what they required to know. Subsequent their training, Nightingale requested nurses to come in for tea and offered books before they could take them to hospitals in Britain, and to establish Nightingale Training Centers oversees in the United States and Europe.

Although Nightingale supposed that diseases developed impulsively in the unsanitary situation, her persistence on the importance of cleanliness leading to theatrical decreases led to spread of diseases. In November 1856, a sequencer was established to scrutinize the Army’s healthcare, and Nightingale was a part of the process. By the year 1860, dramatic developments had been attained in the Army medical health care and quarters. In the subsequent years, she functioned toward developments in India founded British Army’s situation, and Indian public healthcare and the irrigation system. She was important in creating the British army figures the finest in Europe at the period. As an outcome, the initial woman was selected as a parallel of the Statistical Community.

Florence Nightingale became bedridden with diseases in her later years. However, she received frequent honors for her era of achievements. She developed to be the initial woman to obtain “British Order of Merit” in the year 1907. She died on August 13, 1910 at the oldness of 90 years. After her demise, nurses through the universe needed to pay a compliment to her. The Florence Nightingale Foundation founded to perform the functions of training nurses. It endures to function near the St. Thomas Hospital based in London. Obama administration has announced a health care insurance policy to all Americans. Many states and federal government have accepted and supported the federal health care law. The government has decided to set up markets where American citizens will purchase the health insurance. Currently, most governments have initiated compulsory health care insurance policies in order to ensure that citizens get treatment whenever they require it irrespective of their financial status during the sickness. In the past, only the counted few rich people could afford health insurance. In fact, health care insurance was only known to the high class (Pear, 2013).

In the article, “U.S. Unveils Health Care Web Site and Call Center”, the author reveals the government’s website and free toll to support health insurance policy. Obama’s administration has launched a website where Americans can access information about the policy. The website has general information on the requirements and benefits of the health insurance policy. It also has a free tool number for Americans to call and clarify the issue. This ensures that all people are informed about the policy. Therefore, they can make an informed decision when purchasing the policy. In the past, people could hardly access information about insurance policies, especially, the health insurance policy. Fortunately, the advancement in technology has changed the situation. People can now access health information through their cell phones, laptops and social networking sites (Pear, 2013).

In conclusion, Florence Nightingale would use social networking sites to dedicate and inform nurses and citizens in all parts of the universe about the importance of health care insurance policy. She could post blogs and status in her profile to ensure that all people learn about the policy. Additionally, she could comet positively in all posts regarding the policy to encourage people to purchase the policy for their benefit. Nightingale was committed to make sure that nurses acquire the required skills. She sacrificed her life for the sake of saving lives, and improving health of people. Lessons learnt from her life can be applied in the current situation. All caregivers should be committed to educating citizens to ensure they learn the importance of health insurance.

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