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Export Office 365 mailboxes to PST | Office 365 Backup Tool

One of the best ways to back up Office 365 mailbox to PST is by using a professional Office 365 Migration Tool. this utility will help users to accomplish this task by ensuring high data integrity. Apart from this, if you want to perform this task manually, then you can go through an informative article that I have recently explored. This article precisely explains the detailed manual process to backup Office 365 mailbox to PST using a free built-in eDiscovery export tool. To accomplish this task, you need to perform the following stages.

  • Assign permission and check for the Export role.
  • Create and Run a new Content Search.
  • eDiscovery Export Tool – Backup Office 365 mailbox to PST.

However, this article will also introduce you to an advanced Office 365 Migration Tool which ensures high data integrity throughout the whole process. Additionally, it eases the backup process for non-technical users. 

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Hey, do you want to create a backup of Office 365 mail and convert recovered data into different file formats then you need to use the third-party tool that helps to create a complete backup of Office 365 without any data loss. After trying so many tools. I am gonna recommend you use the best Aryson Office 365 backup and restore toolThis tool is secure reliable and trustworthy. Its Assign impersonation rights give its user to create a backup of multiple Office 365 accounts. It easily saves the recovered office 365 files into PST, TXT, EML, EMLX, etc. It maintains the data of office 365 intact and saves it in its original form. 

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