11. *Orders

Може ли някой да прати решение на тази задача:


We are placing N orders at a time. You need to calculate the price with the following formula:

((daysInMonth * capsulesCount) * pricePerCapsule)

Input / Constraints

· On the first line, you will receive integer N – the count of orders the shop will receive.

· For each order you will receive the following information:

o Price per capsule – floating-point number in the range [0.00…1000.00].

o Days – integer in the range [1…31].

o Capsules count – integer in the range [0…2000].

The input will be in the described format, there is no need to check it explicitly.


The output should consist of N + 1 line. For each order you must print a single line in the following format:

· "The price for the coffee is: ${price}"

On the last line, you need to print the total price in the following format:

· "Total: ${totalPrice}"

The price must be formatted to 2 decimal places.