A complete practical approach to recover and deleted PDF file in bulk

"Portable document format" is known as PDF. Fundamentally, you utilise the format when you need to save unchangeable data but still needs to be shared and printed. Most modern devices can open a PDF in an internet browser or have an Adobe Reader app installed.

PDF is the most common file that we use to share images, documents, etc. But, what if you lose control over your PDF file? I think it's the most depressing moment part of your life right? So, to tackle all those problems we have an amazing solution to this problem. So, here I have a professional method tool like Data Recovery Freeware PDF Recovery Tool. This tool comes with the best features it recovers the PDF file in bulk with all its attachments like images, graphics, text, etc. However, this tool maintains the PDF file data hierarchy throughout the conversion process. It also offers two modes of recovery standard mode and advanced mode. However, this tool comes with the best GUI/UI that makes the tool easy for everyone. 

Steps to recover PDF file

- Download and install the PDF file recovery.

- Then select the PDF file to recover and click on the next button. 

- After this select the modes of recovery standard mode and advanced mode. 

- Now, select the attachment to extract and click on the next button. 

- Then select the path where you want to save your extracted data.

- After that save extracted text and save the extracted image and set the path to the save button.

- Lastly, click on the save button to save the resultant file. 

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