Performance Optimizations and Scalability Techniques in WP

Performance Optimizations and Scalability Techniques in WP

23.04.20 17:00 - 18:45 Online 3 Online 3 Bojidar Valchovski
Welcome to watch the online seminar "Performance Optimizations and Scalability Techniques in WP" on April 23, 2020 (Thursday) at 5:00 PM with lecturer Bojidar Valchovski

Language: English

За Семинара

WordPress is currently powering over 34% of the world’s web platforms, and holds a remarkable 61.1% market share amongst websites using a CMS. The amount of large enterprises, dynamic startups and publishers with millions of monthly users, using WordPress as a CMS, has been growing exponentially over the past years.

What those businesses need, and any other WordPress-based website per se, is to maintain the platform's stability and constantly improve page load speed, while adding tons of complex functionality and utilizing numerous third-party resources within their tech stack.

In this seminar, Bojidar will talk about a few of the advanced performance optimization and stability techniques he has used on WordPress, followed by a short demo.

What you will learn:
• Why serving proper image sizes is an important speed optimization factor;
• Lazy loading of images: when do you need it;
• GZIP compression: why it helps and when it can be used;
• Technologies that help: Cloudflare caching techniques, caching via service workers;
• Caching admin-ajax.php requests: why GET works;
• JS deferring and async loading of JS: most common JS optimization techniques for achieving a faster load of heavy pages.

За Лектора

Bojidar Valchovski

Bojidar is a talented web developer who has started his career at a very young age, working within a variety of large and complex projects. For more than 6 years he’s had the chance to work with a broad range of technical platforms, frameworks and programming languages such as C#, PHP, JS (to name a few).

Currently a Junior Tech Lead at DevriX, he is hacking the WordPress core platform powering over 80M websites across the web. He is personally responsible for working hand-in-hand with clients on several projects, establishing and executing business goals, growing traffic to hundreds of millions of page views and increasing client’s revenue with millions of dollars.

He is also a part of the WordPress Core contributing team, officially joining the open-source crowd that powers about a quarter of the web.
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