Object Oriented Programming II [Homework]

Please I need some help with my coursework project. The below is the coursework.

Create an information system for students. In the system must be a data for: name, faculty number,

specialty and average score of marks from different subjects (5 per semester) during one semester for

every student. Data about different subjects: name of the subject, annotation, leading teacher etc.. The

system must allow inserting, editing and deleting of data from database. The project is based on the

following technologies: Java (SWING or JavaFX for GUI), JDBC, MySQL (database).

1. Graphical user interface (GUI)

a. Building a GUI with the necessary controls (buttons, fields, combo box etc.)

b. The GUI must have possibilities for all CRUD operations – select, insert, update and


c. Searching in the data from database by student name and filtering by average marks in

descending mode.

d. Searching for discipline name.

2. Build a layer for communication with the database with JDBC.

3. Build the database (MySQL) for storing the data.