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AI and Blockchain: Innovation and Impact on 21st May

Join us for a monthly meetup and let's talk Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain and how they affect our daily lives. We will discuss the ethics of AI and how AI can be used for social innovation and advancing causes. You will learn about the potential of blockchain technology to transform multiple industries to their very core. You will also get acquainted with some of the blockchain applications across various industries - not just promising to change the future but already using the technology to solve real-life problems today.

- You are passionate about the latest technology trends, Blockchain and AI, open to new opportunities and ideas
- You are a female studying or working in IT and interested in getting to know like-minded people
- You value diversity and inclusion in tech and support women in technology.

- AI for social good
- Blockchain is more than Cryptocurrency
- Coding Girls Sofia: What is new and what is coming soon

18:30 Registrations and Opening Words
19:00 “Coding Girls: Mission, Overview and Updates” by Jovita Kažemėkaitytė
19:10 “AI for social good" by Iva Gumnishka
19:30 "Real World Blockchain Applications" by Anastasia Angelova
20:00 Drinks, Photos & Networking

To ensure that everyone can afford to be part of the event we made our events free of charge, but registration is required, so we know that you will join us and will secure a spot for you. You can make the registration from HERE.

As we usually have people on the waiting list, please let us know (at least 24 hours before the event) in case you won’t be able to join us and give someone else the chance. Thanks for informing us on time!