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More Exercises: Objects and Classes - 3. Speed Racing

Здравейте колеги. Дава ми 40 точки на следната задача.
Условието е следното:
3. Speed Racing
Your task is to implement a program that keeps track of cars and their fuel and supports methods for moving the
cars. Define a class Car that keeps a track of a car’s model, fuel amount, fuel consumption for 1 kilometer and
traveled distance. A Car’s model is unique - there will never be 2 cars with the same model.
On the first line of the input you will receive a number N – the number of cars you need to track, on each of the
next N lines you will receive information about a car in the following format “<Model> <FuelAmount>
<FuelConsumptionFor1km>”. All cars start at 0 kilometers traveled.
After the N lines, until the command "End" is received, you will receive commands in the following format "Drive
<CarModel> <amountOfKm>". Implement a method in the Car class to calculate whether or not a car can move
that distance. If it can, the car’s fuel amount should be reduced by the amount of used fuel and its traveled
distance should be increased by the number of the traveled kilometers. Otherwise, the car should not move (its fuel
amount and the traveled distance should stay the same) and you should print on the console “Insufficient fuel for
the drive”. After the "End" command is received, print each car and its current fuel amount and the traveled
distance in the format "<Model> <fuelAmount> <distanceTraveled>". Print the fuel amount rounded to
two digits after the decimal separator.

Кодът ми е следния:

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;

public class Car
 public double FuelAmount {get; set;}
 public double FuelConsumptionFor1km {get; set;}
 public int TraveledKilometers {get; set;}     
 public void TryTraveledThisDistance(int currentDistanse)
    double amountOfFuelRequired =  FuelConsumptionFor1km * currentDistanse;
     if(FuelAmount > amountOfFuelRequired)
        FuelAmount -= amountOfFuelRequired; 
        TraveledKilometers += currentDistanse;
        Console.WriteLine("Insufficient fuel for the drive"); 
} // end class Car
public class Program
    public static void Main()
        var orderCar = new Dictionary<string, Car>();
        int n = int.Parse(Console.ReadLine());
        for(int i = 0; i < n; i++)
          string[] input = Console.ReadLine()
            string model = input[0];
            double fuelAmount = double.Parse(input[1]);
            double fuelConsumptionFor1km = double.Parse(input[2]);
            orderCar[model] = new Car{FuelAmount = fuelAmount, FuelConsumptionFor1km = fuelConsumptionFor1km};
        } // end for
        string inputPrim = null;
        while ((inputPrim = Console.ReadLine()) != "End")
         string[] input = inputPrim
            string currentModel = input[1];
            int currentDistanse = int.Parse(input[2]);
            foreach (var kvp in orderCar)
                if (kvp.Key == currentModel)
            } // end foreach for TryTraveledThisDistance
        } // end while for Drive
        foreach (var kvp in orderCar)
            // AudiA4 1.00 50
            Console.WriteLine("{0} {1:0.00} {2}", kvp.Key,kvp.Value.FuelAmount, kvp.Value.TraveledKilometers);

// 2
// AudiA4 23 0.3
// BMW-M2 45 0.42
// Drive BMW-M2 56
// Drive AudiA4 5
// Drive AudiA4 13
// End
// AudiA4 17.60 18
// BMW-M2 21.48 56

// 3
// AudiA4 18 0.34
// BMW-M2 33 0.41
// Ferrari-488Spider 50 0.47
// Drive Ferrari-488Spider 97
// Drive Ferrari-488Spider 35
// Drive AudiA4 85
// Drive AudiA4 50
// End
// Insufficient fuel for the drive
// Insufficient fuel for the drive
// AudiA4 1.00 50
// BMW-M2 33.00 0
// Ferrari-488Spider 4.41 97


Teamwork and Personal Skills
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