how can i modified my car anybody help/?

What's your opinion of the accompanying idea, which can securely be known as a "gathering"? 

To post in the database any posts there with them, as this meta would be, hello - title, body, labels, creator, sees, answers. That's it. 

At that point, by weight, labels (the heaviest labels sooner or later and a specific farthest point) become classifications. What's more, from that, I figure a basic blog can turn into a super discussion. Since, sorry, yet the tag "hard", "vehicle", "tag" - by one way or another ... right :) 

What do you think? - web devs. 

That being said .. you have to figure out how to think. Having the option to think will compose significant labels and will watch the dread of agreeing to any shows that are not troublesome. You put in a couple of significant labels and by the way it's an unadulterated "class". These labels originated from online networking, and from watchwords. Along these lines, times and terms change, yet not the significance, so one must figure out how to think and see the importance. 

It doesn't make a difference how you contemplated the principal catchphrases website pages, and how you compose the labels now - it's the equivalent - it's an aptitude, not simply parting one sentence with commas after each word. :) 

- - - - 

+ Another thought .. Taking a gander at the label cloud that doesn't make drag 'n' drop it can likewise be placed in the label box :) Or for instance one textcomplete.js works superbly :) 

+  You can put "@" - :) 

+  Tags ought to be acknowledged by the comma framework and afterward partition them by it, not by space. Label cloud made along these lines, doesn't sound good to me.