къде греша , отговорите ми излизат , но получавам 60/100. може да се оптимизира и изведе в методи, но това ще даде ли пълниите точки?



Tasks Planner

Tasks Planner

Create a program that helps you organize your daily tasks. First, you are going to receive the hours each task takes оn a single line, separated by space, in the following format:

"{task1} {task2} {task3}… {taskn}"

Each task takes from 1 to 5 hours. If its time is set to 0 – it is completed. If its time is set to a negative number – the task is dropped.

Then you will start receiving commands until you read the "End" message. There are six possible commands:

  • "Complete {index}"
    • Find the task on this index in your collection and complete it, if the index exists.
  • "Change {index} {time}"
    • Replace the time needed of the task on the given index with the time given, if the index exists.
  • "Drop {index}"
    • Drop the task on the given index, setting its hour to -1, if the index exists.
  • "Count Completed"
    • Print the number of completed tasks.
  • "Count Incomplete"
    • Print the number of incomplete tasks (this doesn’t include the dropped tasks).
  • "Count Dropped"
    • Print the number of dropped tasks (this doesn’t include the incomplete tasks).

In the end, print the incomplete tasks on a single line, separated by a single space in the following format:

"{task1} {task2} {task3}… {taskn}"


  • On the 1st line you are going to receive the time of each task, separated by a single space.
  • On the next lines, until the "End" command is received, you will be receiving commands.


  • Print the tasks in the format described above.






1 -1 2 3 4 5
Complete 4
Change 0 4
Drop 3

Count Dropped

4 2 5


First, we receive the command "Complete 4" and we to complete the task on index 4. After this command, the task collection looks like this:

1 -1 2 3 0 5

Afterwards, we receive the "Change 0 4" command and we need to change the time of the task on index 0. The collection looks like this now:

4 -1 2 3 0 5

After, we receive the "Drop 3" command, which means we need to drop the task on index 3. The collection looks like this:

4 -1 2 -1 0 5

Then, we receive the "Count Dropped" command. The result is 2 as we have only 2 dropped tasks.

In the end, we print all of the incomplete tasks. This is the result collection:

4 2 5



1 2 3 4 5 4 0 3 2 1
Complete 0
Complete 1
Complete 2
Drop 3
Change 4 1

Count Completed

1 4 3 2 1