Трябва ми помощ с една задача по програмиране на C++


Familiarize the student with: declaring structured data types; declaring structured variables; referring to a structure's fields.


We've shown you how to declare structures intended to store information about dates. Now we encourage you to declare a structure for handling the time of day with an accuracy of one minute. We think your structure will have two fields, but we don't want to suggest anything more – all the design decisions are up to you. After you've done that, declare a variable of the previously declared structure type and write a code asking your user for two values: hours and minutes. Note: you should use a 24-hour clock, sometimes referred to as "military time". Check the inputted values carefully – don't accept ideas like 25:71; store the values in your structure variable. Next, input an int value and assume that this is a number of minutes – let it be the duration of some event. Your task is to output a time of day (hours and minutes respectively) that will be shown on clocks immediately after our event; try to show it in the form "HH:MM". Test your code using the data we've provided.

Example input 11 58 23

Example output 12:21


Example input 23 55 1880

Example output 7:15



Надявам се някой да успее да ми помогне .