How to Migrate Exchange Server Mailboxes to Office 365

Office 365 has a lot to offer: Office 365 offers many services with no maintenance cost. Office 365 is easy to access; being a cloud-based software as a service. From various sources, users are migrating to Office 365 and Exchange Server Users are not an exception. There are few manual methods like Cutover Migration, Staged Migration, Hybrid Migration, and IMAP Migration but all these methods have limitations and drawbacks. Chances of human error and risk of data loss are always associated with the Manual methods hence professional tools are always a preferred choice of professionals.

Shoviv Exchange Migration Tool comes as a picture-perfect professional tool to migrate Exchange Server Mailboxes to Office 365. The Tool has several user-oriented features to provide the best working experience.

  • Users can add multiple numbers of mailboxes to migrate without any limitation and restriction on size-limit.
  • Options to Preview, Filter, and Search are also available.
  • Users can search based on Message Class, CC, BCC, Subject, Message Date, and Attachments.
  • Users are also allowed to save mailboxes to various file formats like HTML, vCAL, vCard, RTF and EML etcetera.
  • The software properly maintains data integrity and folder hierarchy. 
  • A free trial version of the software is also available to download that allows migration of first fifty items per folder.


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