C++ IDE with an interpreter in addition to the compiler!!

I've been using Python in VS Code lately. Since it's an interpreted language, its Debug Console is very powerful. I also use Visual C++ and I think it would be really cool to have the ability to run arbitrary code on a breakpoint (at least in the debug config). I think this would be a quite big productivity boost for many - you can try different things and immediately see if they give you expected results and the debugging speed improves. Immediate Window in VC++ is very limited. There is Cling but I don't think you could integrate it easily with Clang in an IDE.

Any thoughts? I'm afraid that it would be too much work to make something like this happen. One way could be to have a Cling IDE and the ability to mark certain parts of code for optimized compiling with Clang, as there are usually not many hotspots in code. happymod