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georgy.nedyalkov avatar georgy.nedyalkov 103 Точки

Unreal Engine - Free!

За тези, които се интересуват, Unreal Engine вече е free. :) Ето какво получих преди броени минути на мейла си:

If you love something, set it free!

Unreal Engine Free

It's been an amazing year for Unreal Engine 4. We've grown a lot, we've learned a lot, and with your help and feedback, made the engine easier to use and more powerful than ever. Now we're making Unreal Engine 4 freely available to developers everywhere.

Before we do, we wanted to say a sincere thanks to those of you who've been with us all along the way. We're humbled by your energy, enthusiasm, and the incredible stuff you're doing with the engine. And because of you, we're motivated to work even harder so that together, we can all create great things that inspire and shape the future of the medium that we love.

If you have paid for a subscription on or after January 30th, you will receive a pro-rated refund for your latest month's payment after March 12th. You'll continue to receive all future updates for free.

Happy creating!
- The Team at Epic Games

Общи приказки 02/03/2015 19:20:20
SimeonSimeonov avatar SimeonSimeonov 77 Точки

Тъкмо щях и аз да постна същата тема :)
Идеален момент за един UЕ4 курс във софт уни :P

scienide avatar scienide 17 Точки

Само мога да кажа браво! Вярвам че бъдещето е в Free and Open Source Software-a! Свобода!

02/03/2015 22:49:24