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Java Fundamentals: 09.ForceBook* 90/100 Associative arrays

Здравейте, колеги,

Някой може ли да ми помогне с последния тест, който не ми минава :) Благодаря.

Не мога да си открия пропуска. решение 


The force users are struggling to remember which side are the different forceUsers from, because they switch them too often. So you are tasked to create a web application to manage their profiles. You should store information for every unique forceUser, registered in the application.

You will receive several input lines in one of the following formats:

{forceSide} | {forceUser}

{forceUser} -> {forceSide}

The forceUser and forceSide are strings, containing any character.

If you receive forceSide | forceUser you should check if such forceUser already exists, and if not, add him/her to the corresponding side.

If you receive a forceUser -> forceSide you should check if there is such forceUser already and if so, change his/her side. If there is no such forceUser, add him/her to the corresponding forceSide, treating the command as new registered forceUser.
Then you should print on the console: "{forceUser} joins the {forceSide} side!"

You should end your program when you receive the command "Lumpawaroo". At that point you should print each force side, ordered descending by forceUsers count, than ordered by name. For each side print the forceUsers, ordered by name.

In case there are no forceUsers in a side, you shouldn`t print the side information.

Input / Constraints

  • The input comes in the form of commands in one of the formats specified above.
  • The input ends when you receive the command "Lumpawaroo".


  • As output for each forceSide, ordered descending by forceUsers count, then by name, you must print all the forceUsers, ordered by name alphabetically.
  • The output format is:

Side: {forceSide}, Members: {forceUsers.Count}

! {forceUser}

! {forceUser}

! {forceUser}

  • In case there are NO forceUsers, don`t print this side





Light | Gosho

Dark | Pesho


Side: Dark, Members: 1

! Pesho

Side: Light, Members: 1

! Gosho

We register Gosho in the Light side and Pesho in the Dark side. After receiving "Lumpawaroo" we print both sides, ordered by membersCount and then by name.

Lighter | Royal

Darker | DCay

Ivan Ivanov -> Lighter

DCay -> Lighter


Ivan Ivanov joins the Lighter side!

DCay joins the Lighter side!

Side: Lighter, Members: 3

! DCay

! Ivan Ivanov

! Royal


Although Ivan Ivanov doesn`t have profile, we register him and add him to the Lighter side.

We remove DCay from Darker side and add him to Lighter side.

We print only Lighter side because Darker side has no members.


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Axiomatik avatar Axiomatik 1471 Точки

Quand je compare avec la solution de Vl.Metodiev et avec la mienne (en C# hélas), il me semble que pendant l’opération input.contains("|") ton code vérifie pas toutes les groupes qui ont été crées à ce moment là et au premier groupe qui donne un résultat négatif pour le nouveau membre, celui ci rejoins le groupe cible même s'il s'est retrouve déjà dans un groupe. 

Voici la vérification que je retrouve chez toi et  Vl.Metodiev:  


                for (Map.Entry<String, List<String>> current : sides.entrySet()) {
                    if (!current.getValue().contains(forceUser)) {


                    for(Map.Entry<String, List<String>> current : webSide.entrySet()){
                            check = true;
                            webSide.put(side, new ArrayList<>());
                        else if(webSide.containsKey(side) && !webSide.get(side).contains(name)){