How to strengthen the Wi-Fi network in the apartment?

A Wi-Fi router is usually the focal point of a home network. It is worth taking care of its correct configuration - thanks to this, our network will work more efficiently and stable, it will also be safer.

Many manufacturers simplify the initial router configuration procedure as much as possible, mainly so that the buyer of the device can enjoy their new home wireless network as soon as possible. But fast is not always good. 

Problem of Network in Large Apartments

A large apartment area, concrete ceilings, many Wi-Fi networks in the area - these are factors that significantly reduce the quality of the Wi-Fi signal, and thus the availability of the Internet in our home. To improve it, it is worth using a Wi-Fi signal booster. Which model to choose? And what do you need to know about a Wi-Fi network to make the best decisions? We have a handful of tips to improve your home network.

Nowadays, the Internet not only has to be everywhere, it should also be fast. This is important because we connect to the network not only our computers and smartphones, but more and more often TV sets, household appliances and other devices belonging to the smart home system and the so-called Internet of Things.

Therefore, it is worth making our Wi-Fi network available throughout the home. It is not always possible to achieve this using only a router, i.e. a device that provides us with a signal and spreads a wireless network around the apartment. A netgear wifi extender can help. However, before we decide to buy, it is worth checking whether the amplifier is really necessary.

Do I need a New Extender Setup?

Before we decide to buy a new extender setup, let's consider if we can simply reposition our router so that it works more efficiently. If the signal is not reaching some rooms, try moving the devices a little closer, of course, as long as the wires will allow it. Let's also try to replace the antennas in the router with stronger ones

It is also worth checking the type and working standard of the router. It may turn out that we have older equipment that, for example, limits our internet speed. Fiber optic connections are becoming more and more common and are not supported by old network solutions. It's good for our router to work in the 802.11ac standard (earlier standards are b, g and n). Before we begin amplifying the signal, let's keep our core network infrastructure up to date.

Which Wi-Fi extender to choose?

When deciding on a Wi-Fi extender, choose one that will support the standards that our router and our mobile devices use. So if the router supports the ac standard, it is good for the Wi-Fi extender to also support it. Support for the n standard is an absolute minimum. Although it does not seem to matter, it is worth choosing an amplifier from the same company as the router. The mywifiext net setup is the best extender setup for the people who want flawless performance from their Wifi network. This will make the configuration easier for us when we navigate through a similar-looking menu.