dlinkrouter.local : How to access dlink router local dlinkrouter.local wizard?

To setup or configure dlinkrouter.local website, establish the physical(harware) connection. After connecting Dlink to your personal desktop or mobile devices. Try dlinkrouter.local/admin or dlinkrouter.local/setup or you can also access dlink router local login page using IP address.

Steps to access dlinkrouter.local setup wizard: 

  1. Open any desired or compatible web browser.

  2. Type http://dlinkrouter.local or IP address into the URL bar.

  3. This will leads you to the dlink router login page.

  4. Now, provide the dlink router default username and password. 

  5. Click ‘Enter’ to access Dlink router local login portal.

  6. When the Dlink router local page setup wizard appears, it will walk you through step by step process to configure and install the dlink router.

  7. The router will scan for the internet connection type. You can select your internet connection manually, if you want.

  8. Now, you will see wireless settings. To configure dlink router wireless settings, you need to put up a new wifi network name and password in the respective fields. Click ‘Next’

  9. Now, the setup wizard will ask you to change the login password of your dlink router. You can input the required login password in the required field.

  10. A summary of your router settings will be displayed. 

  11. Click ‘Save’ to save the settings.

  12. The dlink router will now reboot in order to apply the changes.

This concludes dlink wireless router setup using dlinkrouter.local web address. You may now start using your d-link wireless network connection. In future, if you want to Configure D-link Wifi Router, you can sign into dlink setup wizard and make the required changes