Why is Java so popular when there's a number of issues with it...?

Hello! First of all, this is by no means an attack on Java, please read on because I'm genuinely interested.

I'm an on and off hobbyist beginner programmer and I actually really like Java as a language. My question is about its application.

You see, Java is constantly and permanently at the top of most programming language popularity and usage lists. I am a bit confused, though, as to where exactly does it hide its millions of uses. Except for Android, where Java's place is clear, I can hardly name any general domain where, to my limited knowledge, it's the best option. For example, in my country the form used to fill out tax reports online is written in Java, and it officially doesn't work on anything but Safari and IE. Imagine an entire country's worth of population unable to basically do their duty on any modern browser because Java, which is supposed to run anywhere, isn't supported. Where it does work, it's slow and buggy. Is it just an isolated poorly made example or not?

Next up is desktop: sure, there are some applications in Java like BitTorrent clients but very few. And they seem weird as well.

Games? Only Minecraft comes to mind.

Java runs anywhere, but users are forced to install the JRE which then sits in the tray, nags about updates and such.

I am sure Java is great in some places, but in my experience with using computers I have honestly never seen a hassle-free Java program. There's always a problem with it. In the browser, on the desktop.

As I said, I love it as a language and would like to learn it, and I keep seeing it's number 1 everywhere, I just seem to be lost how can it be number 1 if I face it so little in my everyday life and when I do, it frankly gives headaches.

Please, this is not an attack, notice that I haven't ever compared it to any other language. I am currently deciding what to focus on in terms of learning, and Java is a great option as a language - it's clear and well designed, but all the baggage that comes with it kind of scares me away...

Thank you!


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