How to do NETGEAR router login? netgear router setup

You can perform NETGEAR router login in two methods, either through the
Nighthawk mobile app or by using a web browser.
To do NETGEAR router login using a web browser:
● Open a web browser from your device that gets connected to your router's
● Type in or in the address bar of your web
● The router login window will display on the screen.
● Fill in the router admin username and password.
● The Netgear router default username is admin. The Netgear router login
password is the one that you created during setup. Both these username and
password are case-sensitive.
● The BASIC Home screen will appear on the screen.
To do NETGEAR router login with the Nighthawk app:
● Initially, download the Nighthawk app from
● Be sure that your mobile device gets connected to your NETGEAR router's
Wi-Fi network.
● Start the Nighthawk app on your device and log in with your NETGEAR
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