configuration to change the admin password for routerlogin access

The default routerlogin username and password allow access to the Netgear router’s dashboard via or, where admin is the default username
set by default and password is the default password set by default.
To change the login password for router login:
 Open web Internet browser on your wireless device – computer that is connected to your
Netgear router’s wireless network.
 Key in netgear router login default web address or
 If not working shows, try to routerlogin using the default IP address which is
either or in the address bar and then, press Enter.
 When performing Netgear router setup and login router for the very first time, the Netgear
Genie will get displayed instead of login page.
 During routerlogin for Netgear router configuration of various settings, the routerlogin page
will be appear.
 The login page for routerlogin shows username and password fields to be filled in.
 Key in the default login details. Enter the Netgear default routerlogin
username as admin.
 And enter the default routerlogin password as password to enter dashboard for configuring


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