Update the Netgear Routers Firmware - routerlogin.com

The firmware of the Netgear router can be easily done using the Nighthawk app or using the web
browser through routerlogin.net. Firmware updates should be regularly done to improve its
performance with addition of new features and bug fixing.
To update Netgear router’s firmware using web browser routerlogin.net:
Ensure the Netgear router is connected to the computer using wired connection i.e. with the
Ethernet cable that should connect the Netgear router at the LAN port. This is to avoid any network
issue or dropping wireless network signal while performing firmware update on the router.
 Launch an Internet web browser on a computer connected to the Netgear router’s wireless
 Navigate to the routerlogin.net LAN protocol address to Netgear router login.
 Enter http://www.routerlogin.net or http://www.routerlogin.com in the address field of the
above web browser.
 If routerlogin.net does not let you routerlogin, log in using the default IP
 Netgear router’s login screen of the Netgear router will be directed.
 The router login details will have to be entered on the login screen in username and
password fields.
 Key in default user name and password to enter the dashboard of the Netgear routers.
o The default netgear router login user name is admin.
o The default netgear router login password is password.
 The BASIC Home screen will be redirected by routerlogin.net login.
 Select ADVANCED option to get to the Administration page.
 Choose Router Update option to upgrade Netgear router’s firmware.
 The firmware update screen of the Netgear Router is reached.
 Allow Check button to search for any new firmware version file available for your Netgear
 The Netgear router will check for any available new firmware information and display a
message onscreen.
 If any firmware is searched, you will receive a prompt to download the new firmware
version file either automatically or manually.
 Opt for the Yes button
 The Netgear router will auto-locate and download the new firmware file and begin the
Netgear router firmware update automatically.