Recovering Netgear router password using the password recovery feature -

It is indeed a troublesome experience when you somehow forget your Netgear router login password
for getting through login page for various netgear wireless router configurations. The
password recovery feature enabled already in these Netgear routers assist you in wonderful way to
recover your forgotten password details only if you had formerly enabled and applied the password
recovery feature on any Netgear wireless router. Therefore, it is suggested to enable the same feature
on your initial Netgear router login try over to enjoy soot and hassle free monitoring and
managing the router’s settings
Enabling of this feature on the Netgear router settings page devoid you of carrying out reset of your
model device from Netgear because the ultimate solution to every resetting of settings is the factory
reset of your model through access or via hard reset with reset button that lands you
with default Netgear router values instead of the personalized settings that you attempted before. This
would also set the Netgear router login password set as Admin in the default mode.
The ultimate solution guide to enable the password recovery feature on the Netgear routers is detailed
 Gain access to the web browser from a browser window after powering on your computer or
other networking device. You can try either of Google chrome, firefox, Microsoft edge etc. to
use the browser for Netgear router login.
 Ahead of Netgear router login attempt, make yourself ceratin that your computer is securely
connected to your Netgear wireless router and wireless network either by wired or wireless
connection mode.
 Key in the Netgear router login web addresses- the default ones - or into your launched browser’s address bar to reach the Netgear router login
WEB GUI or settings page router to apply password recovery.
 For any kind of Netgear router login issues to reach netgear router login page over or, try another login approach using the default Netgear router
login LAN IP address, supposedly -default IP addresses or
 The Netgear router’s login window will be reached.
 The login page displays prompts to fill in the default Netgear router login username and
password to get through WEB GUI settings page of the netgear router model of yours.
 Opt for cancel tab as you do not have to login but enable the recovery feature.
 The Router Password Recovery window for your Netgear router login password will be reached.
 You will be prompted to key in the serial number of your Netgear router model device in the
required field when prompted.
To locate the serial number of your concerned model, check on the product’s label, where you
will be able to find it mentioned on either the back, bottom, or in any ways side panel of your
Netgear router model.
 Click on Continue tab following after you will be required to answer security questions for admin
password recovery.
 Proceed with answering of the required security questions.
 The password recovery feature will be applied and enabled on following on the screen steps.