How to install D-Link AC1900 MU-MIMO Router via Setup Wizard? dlinkrouter.local

The Setup Wizard is designed to supervise you with the step-by-step method to
configure your new D-Link router and connect it with the Internet.
● If you are performing the D-link router setup and installation for the initial time,
you need to launch any web browser of your choice.
● Enter the web domain dlinkrouter.local in the address bar of your opened web
browser. If this doesn't work, then alternatively type in the default IP address
available for the D-link router in the web browser's address bar.
● Then, hit Next to proceed.

● Please wait until your D-Link router identifies your web connection type. If your
router recognizes your web connection, you may require to enter your ISP
information like username and password.
● If your D-Link router does not identify the correct Internet connection, a list of
web connection types to choose from will appear on the screen.
● Choose your Internet connection type, which can get collected from your
Internet Service Provider, and hit the Next button to continue.
● If the router detects or you have manually selected PPPoE, you need to enter
your PPPoE username and password and tap on the Next button to continue.
Point to Consider: Ensure that you have removed your PPPoE software from
your PC. The PPPoE software is no longer required and will not operate within
a router.
● If the router detects or you have manually chosen Static, you have to enter the
IP and DNS settings provided by your ISP. Then, hit on the Next button to
● Create a strong Wi-Fi password that your wireless customers will have to enter
while connecting to your wireless network.
● Hit the Next button to proceed.
● To secure your D-Link router, you need to fill in a new password. You will
receive prompts for this password every time you desire to use the router’s
web configuration utility. Then, tap on the Next button to continue.
● You will get displayed with a summary of your settings. Hit on the Next button
to analyze your settings or Back to make new changes.
● At the end of the Setup Wizard, you will notice a final summary of your
modified settings. Hit on the Finish to close the Setup Wizard.
Cheers, your D-Link router has successfully configured and installed!