Java Script - 02. Array Modifier

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02. Array Modifier

You are given an array with integers. Write a program to modify the elements after receive the commandsswap”, “multiply” or “decrease”.

  • “swap {index1} {index2}” take two elements and swap their places.

  • “multiply {index1} {index2}” take element at the 1st index and multiply it with element at 2nd index. Save the product at the 1st index.

  • “decrease” decreases all elements in the array with 1.


On the first input line you will be given the initial array values separated by a single space.

On the next lines you will receive commands until you receive the command “end”. The commands are as follow:

  • “swap {index1} {index2}”

  • “multiply {index1} {index2}”

  • “decrease”


The output should be printed on the console and consist element of the modified arrayseparated by “, “(comma and single space).


  • Commands will be: “swap”, “multiply”, “decrease” and “end

  • Elements of the array will be integer numbers in the range [-231...231]

  • Count of the array elements will be in the range [2...100]

  • Indexes will be always in the range of the array

**** END TXT****


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