PayScale of an iOS developer

As compared to other regions iOS is relatively more popular in countries like the USA, UK, and Canada. The PayScale of an iPhone application developer also depends on various factors including their level of skill or their level of expertise. Here are the average salaries of an iOS developer at different stages in his career.

  • An entry-level developer with less than 5 years of experience receives $77000
  • junior-level developer with 5-10 years of experience makes $103,000
  • With 10-20 years of experience, an expert level developer makes $117000
  • Senior-level developer with 20 years of experience in development makes $125,000 yearly.

Some other factors that affect the salaries of an iOS developer are their locations, the number of projects they have done, their knowledge of coding, etc. These numbers do not remain static and keep on fluctuating varying at different levels of services provided.