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Diablo 4 farming guide for gold, gear, and legendary items

Ahead of the Diablo 4 release date, you're probably planning a trip to the Sanctuary, including all the best weapons and gear you'll ever need, as well as which D4 elixirs to ask the alchemist for. Still, you'll need a lot of resources, as well as a lot of gold. Whatever you're missing in Diablo 4, whether it's the best diablo IV items for your class or the plain old gold to buy it, we've got these D4 farming tips for you.

Diablo 4 Legendary Farm

Some of the best ways to get great legendary loot are by defeating bosses in strongholds. However, to get the most legendary items, especially at lower levels, we recommend clearing as many dungeons as possible. Since you can reset most non-campaign dungeons, you can return again and again for more loot. There are also over 120 D4 dungeon locations, so you can understand why this is one of the best ways to farm gear.

High-End Gear Farm

The more you progress through the game, the more loot you'll earn, amassing unique, sacred, and ancestral gear at higher Diablo 4 world tiers. Of course, these high-end items are best obtained through the most difficult bosses and strongholds, so the best way to farm them is to participate in as many world boss battles as possible, such as Ashava in the server grand slam, which refreshes regularly and can be obtained by A large number of online players to tackle.

Diablo 4 Gold Farm

To farm gold in Diablo 4, we recommend good inventory management and often returning to the nearest village to sell anything you don't need. As we discussed in our Diablo 4 salvage guide, you always want to weigh whether it's best to salvage or sell first, but you'll end up selling most of the items you don't need. The more you get, the more high-end loot you get, and the more commodity gold you get. While out and about, be sure to check for lost stones, corpses, and chests for gold, but you won't get much gold from these in the first few acts of Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 Farm: After opening the chest, there are 35 Whispering Ombor on the ground, a reward for completing the world event. Other items are also lying on the ground, such as gems and armor.

Mumbling O'Brien Farm

There's only one way to get the Diablo 4 Whisper Opel, and that's through world events. These rare items are essential to growing most other materials, as you can trade them at the Curiosity vendor for Whisper Keys or random loot, the latter of which can be sold for farm gold. In order to farm Obols, just make sure you keep an eye on your map regularly to check for world events, which are marked with an orange border and can be played individually. Be sure to complete them at Mastery level to get Obols, though.

Growing Diablo 4 Resources

For the plants, ingredients, and organics needed to craft elixirs and incense, you'll need to open treasure chests and examine corpses around the world. They're ubiquitous, so you should rarely find yourself missing Angelbreath and Reddamine, but less common items like Forgotten Souls and Demon Roses may require you to participate in special events at higher world tiers. Check out our All Diablo 4 Resource Guide for a more detailed look at where to find all the resources.

With these tips for gear farming in Diablo 4, hopefully you won't be overwhelmed when it comes to gear, and will have some of the best gear in the game in no time. This advice applies to any class in Diablo 4, but no matter which class you play, make sure they also have the best buildings equipped, because without the best skills, all the gold and obol in the shelter will not Let you go all the way.

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