Ranger from P2Pah Dark And Darker on the left

Dark and Darker can be acquired through two different websites, which each offer a unique method of access to the game. The primary avenue is through the official Dark and Darker website from developer Ironmace, which Dark And Darker Gold offers a straightforward purchase of the game and a download for a launcher to play it. The other option is the subscription service Chafgames, which likewise features a one-time purchase of the game instead of including it in the subscription feature. Purchasing directly from Ironmace makes more sense for anyone focused on supporting the developer without an overarching interest in the Chafgames launcher.

Dark and Darker's unusual Steam removal is the result of a legal battle over copyright issues surrounding the game. As reported by Eurogamer, the game was delisted in March following a DMCA takedown notice that Ironmace received from the major game publisher Nexon. Nexon alleged that Dark and Darker, made in part by developers originally working on a project called "P3" at the publisher, used ideas and assets from that project without owning the rights. Ironmace has painted a very different picture of the situation, resulting in a back-and-forth over the game's legal status, making its availability on Steam a complicated issue until issues are resolved.

Although the current approach to playing Dark and Darker is slightly unusual in an era of PC gaming dominated by major platforms, the full early access release is much easier to acquire than the last couple of Dark and Darker playtests made available only through torrents. The complex legal status of the game makes it unlikely to appear on Steam anytime soon, but any eventual resolution of the case will decide its distribution one way or the other. For now, launchers for Dark and Darker can be downloaded through a couple of different websites that make the early access release of the game available to all.

Ever since its first playtest, Dark and Darker has amassed a sizable audience that only continues to grow, and thus it's no surprise that many players are wondering when they can join the next one. Although these periodic demos only last for a few days, they have proved wildly successful for developer Ironmace and the game's community alike, bringing about dozens of bug fixes, quality-of-life changes, and new additions to buy Dark And Darker Gold gameplay. Almost a month has passed since the last test, and so Dark and Darker's next playtest is soon due - and fans will want to mark the dates on their calendars, as it's one they won't want to miss.