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Programming basics video lecture missing for English

Good day.

I am downloading all the lessons and video material for this course. I know it was for March 2014 but I need the practical and hands-on experience for study.

Now all the videos are available in English except one, and I have looked through each month but can't find the English version of said lecture.

The missing video is on "Conditional Statements".

Can anyone please point me to the English version of said lecture? Was there never a video made for this lecture in English?

I thank you for your time in helping me.

Programming Basics
DHristoskov avatar DHristoskov 211 Точки
Best Answer

You can try this one, it is made by Svetlin Nakov as well, and it follows the same text book.

02/07/2015 13:39:57
Conrad.Chester avatar Conrad.Chester 2 Точки

Thank yvery much! I was looking on youtube for it but could not find it. We have some serious trouble with our internet here in SA.

Again thank you

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