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Teamwork Project Assignment (Java Basics Course @ SoftUni)

Design and implement a console-based game by choice. It could be a well-known game like Minesweeper, Tetris or Xonix or a game designed by your team.

You, as a team, are free to decide what platforms, development tools and team collaboration tools will use. You might perform live meetings in SoftUni or at some other location, online meetings, use chat systems, organize mailing lists, Facebook groups, use project management tools, source control tools and any other technical and non-technical resources to build your project, but please work in team. Each team member should be able to prove his or her contribution at the project live defense. Remember that each team member will get equal score at the project public defense.

General Requirements

  • Use Java – the entire work should be implemented in Java
  • Console-based application – do not implement GUI, use the standard text console
  • Work in team – all team members should contribute


Put the following in a ZIP archive and submit it (each team member submits the same file):

  • The complete source code of your project.
  • A presentation of your project (e.g. PowerPoint slides) or other brief documentation (1-2 pages) of your project. It should provide the following information:

o   Project name and purpose – what you have created?

o   Team name, list of team members

o   Contributions of each team member

  • Any other information (optionally)

Public Project Defense

Each team will have to deliver a public defense of its work in front of the other students, trainers and assistants. Teams will have only 5 minutes for the following:

  • Demonstrate the application (very shortly).
  • Show the source code and explain how it works.
  • Explain how each team member have contributed.
  • Optionally you might prepare a presentation (3-4 slides).

Please be strict in timing! Be well prepared for presenting maximum of your work for minimum time. Bring your own laptop. Test it preliminary with the multimedia projector. Open the project assets beforehand to save time. You have 5 minutes, no more.

Give Feedback about Your Teammates

You will be invited to provide feedback about all your teammates, their attitude to this project, their technical skills, their team working skills, their contribution to the project, etc. The feedback is important part of the project evaluation so take it seriously and be honest.

Получен е отговор, заключвам.

Можем ли да използваме бисквитки?
Ние използваме бисквитки и подобни технологии, за да предоставим нашите услуги. Можете да се съгласите с всички или част от тях.
Използваме бисквитки и подобни технологии, за да предоставим нашите услуги. Използваме „сесийни“ бисквитки, за да Ви идентифицираме временно. Те се пазят само по време на активната употреба на услугите ни. След излизане от приложението, затваряне на браузъра или мобилното устройство, данните се трият. Използваме бисквитки, за да предоставим опцията „Запомни Ме“, която Ви позволява да използвате нашите услуги без да предоставяте потребителско име и парола. Допълнително е възможно да използваме бисквитки за да съхраняваме различни малки настройки, като избор на езика, позиции на менюта и персонализирано съдържание. Използваме бисквитки и за измерване на маркетинговите ни усилия.
Използваме бисквитки, за да измерваме маркетинг ефективността ни, броене на посещения, както и за проследяването дали дадено електронно писмо е било отворено.