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17. Create View Employees with Job Titles - НЕ РАБОТИ В JUDGE

Колеги, моля за малко помощ  за задача  17. Create View Employees with Job Titles от Exercise: Basic CRUD

При мен рабори (MS SQL Server MS), но JUDGE дава грешка

CREATE VIEW V_EmployeeNameJobTitle AS
SELECT FirstName+' '+
        WHEN MiddleName IS NULL THEN LastName
        ELSE MiddleName+' '+LastName
AS [Full Name], JobTitle FROM Employees

Databases Basics
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Става и така:

CREATE VIEW V_EmployeeNameJobTitle AS 
SELECT CONCAT([FirstName] , ' ', [MiddleName] , ' ' , [LastName]) 
AS [Full Name], [JobTitle] FROM Employees
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всички варианти дават грешка в Judge:

MODIFY FILE encountered operating system error 112(There is not enough space on the disk.) while attempting to expand the physical file '...\a1a9da1a-d601-4515-a14e-3e42885eabb4.mdf'.
CREATE DATABASE failed. Some file names listed could not be created. Check related errors.


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Здравей, имало е проблем с jude тогава, пробвай пак:)